Listen at Your Own Risk

Top 10 Reasons to Read this Blog (in no particular order)

  1. I never lie.
  2. We both speak English, so that should help.
  3. I’m too self deprecating to say I’m funny, but everyone else thinks I am.
  4. This blog is a Catholic blog, so while the topics will vary greatly, there will always be a Catholic Sense.
  5. I’m a Catholic who is faithful to the teaching authority of the Catholic Church. This blog will be as well.
  6. I know a lot of stuff. Don’t you want to know it too?
  7. I know very few big words, so no heavy lifting in that sense.
  8. Seriously, if you’ve gotten all the way down to 8, I mean, come on.
  9. One of my few if only talents is getting a point across.
  10. Did I say top ten? Because 5 is worth at least 2.

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